Planning and setting up departments:

Ø „the RESCUE RING“ Revolving in other Countries worldwide!
Ø Promotion of elderly Care; Jointly useful, charitable;

Founder: Mr. Klaus Bauer, born in Germany,
Industrial Merchant
Pensioners and volunteers in the management.

CEO: Miss Dr. Natalia SHVETS
since 1985 Specialist and Head of Paediatrics and Neonatology in state and private medical clinics «MiniMed»
Professional competences: Diploma „academic education in paediatrics“,
through the Medical Institute Vladivostok.
Confirmation of the highest qualification category in the Department of Neonatology at the State Regional Administration of Kiev.
Language skills: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German. Living in Germany since 2017

Planning and setting up departments:

Buying Real Estates & Constructing Homes!

 <  Name: „the RESCUE RING“

>Promotion of elderly care

>Jointly useful, charitable

>Revolving in other Countries worldwide

a short list of facts:
… in GERMANY, the number of older people is growing rapidly.
… .the pension is no longer enough for many people even in other Countries.
… More and more families inevitably live on the poverty line.

The technical developments (computer, smartphone, communication) have progressed faster than people could relearn.
Ø Elderly people can not handle it alone.
An ever-increasing need for the promotion of assistance for the elderly arises.

… .the pension is no longer enough for many.

 … More and more German families inevitably live on the poverty line.

The technical developments (computer, smart phone, communication) have progressed faster than people could relearn.
> Elderly people can not handle it alone.
> A ever-increasing need for the promotion of assistance for the elderly arises.

 Lonliness and Isolation.

The state helps through social measures, i. a. with basic fuses.
These amounts are unfortunately no longer sufficient to guarantee a desired standard of living and quality.
Associations for charitable purposes: „The RESCUE RING“

Ø Help with impending poverty in old age
Ø improving the quality of life
> Generate and maintain interpersonal relationships

Ø Foundations also planned in other countries
Ø www.derRettungsring.de

Potentials of „Freshwell International gGmbH“
FRESHWELL International GmbH, founded in 2014, has become „G GmbH“ (g = non-profit Corporation).
> All previous business contacts will be activated to attract members and expand to other countries.

The resulting profits of FRESHWELL gGmbH are used as donations for charitable purposes.

Through business activities and brokering activities fees are paid.
1. Shareholdings of investors from industry and private individuals.
2. Donations and membership fees contribute to the financial support.

„ADVERTISING“ <Creating successful connections>
Ø Companies are promoted for membership
Ø Home offices as contact points are integrated nationwide.
Ø DOMAINS:  www.Freshwell.de;

Homepage: www.derRETTUNGSRING.de;


The company policy is based on the proven cooperative basic ideology for the mutual respect and dignity of human rights.
With the help of services also mental good is promoted:
Support for people who fall into poverty due to unforeseen events or temporal economic developments.
There are about 12 million people living near the poverty line in Germany alone.

Foundation statutes:
> Promotion of elderly care
> Collectively useful, charitable,
> Promote German infrastructures and revolving other Countries.
1. Help for the elderly.
2. Help for people who can no longer finance their own livelihoods due to job losses, illness or other reasons
3. Comprehensive help:
a) Help through errands for the elderly
b) Help to finance, administrative procedures, housing management, general writing, etc.
c) Unemployed people who are out of work find new opportunities with us: PC training, learning foreign languages, organizing errands, etc.
d) Help with the creation of residential communities and search for adequate real estate. (Young and older people should be able to live together in a healthy mixed election).
e) to provide young foreigners, with basic medical education, to state-recognized training centers, in conjunction with internships at German hospitals, elderly care homes and senior citizen residences.

How can we help:

1. Living communities Organizing, just as the young people found shared housing, we can build that for the older generation as well.
2. Develop intermedial platforms and publish them in the www. Internet put. Motto: „At the age of 66, life begins“ (Udo Jürgens lyrics or karaoke)
3. Creation of a SMARTPHONE – suitable communication platform! Who is looking for something? Who has what? Who needs help!
4. Merging of older people into small groups.
5. Organize introductory campaigns and promote suitable home and residential properties.
6. Rental and purchase of suitable properties for assisted living.


Organisieren Organize entertainment and music events. (regularly)
Ø Give instructions for healthy living habits.
Ø „Staying young, even in old age“
Recruit applications of natural remedies. „Grandma’s healing recipes“.
Head of Dr. Natalia Shvets
to reach: E-Mail: Nataliia@freshwell.de  

Members and partnerships:

1. Companies from the region and other countries are welcome.
2. Associations, as well as managers and managing directors from the industry.

Ø Create successful connections

Partnering for an even better community in Germany.
Ø Are you Interested ?

Ø We are open to sponsors, shareholders and other partners.
Ø Become a member and support our positive projects!

Ø We still need honorary members.
Ø Are you Interested ?

• Write us or call. We look forward to your inquiries and opinions on our plans!

Best Regards
Freshwell International gGmbH
Grundelbachstrasse 40/1; D-69469 WEINHEIM;
Phone: + 49-6201-4990270; Fax: 499027-1;
E-Mail: derRettungsring@derRettungsring.de;          www.derRettungsring.de